Portable Crusher

portable crusher

Portable crusher is a mobile company developed walkable crushing and screening equipment, advanced technology, full-featured, high performance, high reliability, attractive appearance, in any terrain, can be reached anywhere in the workplace. Widely used in crushing, screening operations road and bridge construction, urban construction, metallurgy, energy and other sectors. Portable crushing plant includes jaw crusher mobile crusher, impact crusher portable mobile crushing plant, cone crusher portable mobile crushing and screening station portable mobile crushing plant series.

Portable mobile crushing plant is a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment, greatly expanding the crushing, crushing operations domain concepts. Its aim is to design a customer's position, the elimination of crushing site, environment, complex and complicated logistics base configuration broken barriers to bring customers the job, as the primary solution. The principle of the new material concept "close to deal with" the real customers for simple, efficient, low-cost operation of the project hardware. Depending on the crushing process requirements form a "broken after the first screening" can also be composed of "broken after the first screening" process, crushing station in accordance with the actual needs of a combination of crushing, crushing two screening systems can also be combined into a coarse fine three-stage screening system with high flexibility to the maximum to meet different customer needs.

Portable crushing plant can be flexible, efficient, low-cost source of fields of stone shifted to complex applications. Mobile crushing plant mobile crushing using recent technology to fully meet the requirements of mobile customers broken in any terrain, this equipment can reach anywhere in the workplace. This can reduce the material's processing operations, and to facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery. Through manipulation, can easily open the crusher to the trailer, and transported to the job site.

Portable crusher station purposes

Portable crusher with a multi-functional operating characteristics. It is widely used in mining, coal, garbage and construction waste recycling, earth works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues operations. Processing topsoil and a variety of other materials; separation viscous coagulation aggregate; construction and demolition industries; screening after crushing; quarrying industries. We are committed to providing the best customer service experience. We can according to customer demand for customized portable crusher configuration.