YKN Series Vibrating Screen

YKN Series Vibrating Screen

YKN series vibrating screen is a mature product continuously improve in the years of practice on the equipment, using N series of eccentric block vibration exciter, intermediate transmission are connected by a flexible connection, more stable, equipment vibration amplitude, equipment through the ability and the screening efficiency are improved significantly, screening is very suitable for mining, building materials, chemical industry, cement and other fields, can be fast on water containing not more than 5% kinds of ore, rock grading operation.

Products Features

  • 1. Exciter adopts the external eccentric block structure, light weight, strong exciting force, by adjusting the eccentric block number, the adjustment of the amplitude and the exciting force of vibration sieve.
  • 2. The exciter is directly fixed on the sieve box side, between the two vibration exciter coupling is connected through a universal, convenient installation and maintenance.
  • 3. The sieve box side by side in the overall bending part, between the beam and the transverse strut with ring groove rivet connection, the whole stress is uniform, high strength.
  • 4. The device is connected with the motor with intermediate shaft through the triangle, the intermediate propeller shaft through a flexible coupling and is connected with the vibrator, the whole equipment torque transmission no axial force transmission, which makes the equipment run more smoothly.

Technical Data

YKN Series Vibrating Screen
Model Screen Size(mm) Layers Mesh Size(mm) Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kw) D-Amplitude(mm) Angle(°)
2YKN2160 2100×6000 2 6~150 400 100~600 30 7~11 20
3YKN2160 2100×6000 3 6~150 400 100~600 37 7~11 20
4YKN2160 2100×6000 4 6~150 400 100~600 45 7~11 20
2YKN2460 2400×6000 2 6~150 400 150~850 30 7~11 20
3YKN2460 2400×6000 3 6~150 400 150~850 37 7~11 20
4YKN2460 2400×6000 4 6~150 400 150~850 45 7~11 20