NG Peripheral Traction Thickener


My company developed NG peripheral traction thickener. This massive general as thickeners of this type are commonly used peripheral traction. In the case of operation due to overloading roller slip, no special safety device is required. Its tank is typically made of concrete. In order to charge the motor, the annular support node is arranged in the center. Collection tabs and a support arm connected to the slide ring, and the current introduced into the motor through these joints by placing the arm support cables.

Products Features

  • 1. NG thickener is often a sort of peripheral traction thickener of running roller kind. Large-scale thickener commonly adopts such form of peripheral traction. In the event of skidding of running roller on account of overloading, no specoal safety device is expected. Its tank is normally made of concrete.
  • 2. As a way to charge the motor, annular nodes are arranged on the central assistance.The current collection joints with sliding ring are connected with all the arm brace, and also the existing is introduced for the motor by way of these joints by the cable laid on the arm brace.

Technical Data

NG Peripheral Traction Thickener
Model Thickening tank diameter(mm) Thickening tank Depth (mm)   Capacity(t/h)  Sedimental area (m³)  Motor model Motor power (kW) weight(kg) 
NG-15 15000 3500 390 177 Y132M2-6 5.5 9120
NG-18 18000 3500 560 255 Y132M2-6 5.5 10564
NG-24 24000 3400 1000 452 Y160M-6 7.5 24000
NG-30 30000 3940 1560 707 Y160M-6 7.5 26420
NG-45 45000 5060 2400 1590 Y160L-6 11 50640