Desorption and Electrolysis Unit

Desorption and electrolysis

Desorption and electrolysis is mainly composed of two parts, will be separated from the desorption and electrolysis process, the solvent desorption in comprehensive desorption tower, while the precious liquid electrolysis is completed in the electrolytic cell independent inner. The process flow of new solvent desorption liquid heating, condensation, expensive solvents and solvent recovery process is concentrated in four comprehensive desorption tower, the precious liquid to obtain the solvent vapor desorption of gold loaded carbon after electrolytic tank through a pipeline, set up an independent import electrolysis is carried out, in order to obtain the coarse gold, then get the finished product after purification the gold bullion. Has the advantages of compact structure, equipment, process flow scouring the overall design unique, efficiency and economy of the solvent desorption electrolysis new design.

Products Features

  • 1. because of the solvent steam with your electrolysis separated independently, without mutual influence, while achieving a solvent vapor desorption and recycled solvent, no solvent vapor into the electrolytic process, to ensure the safety of the process in the application;
  • 2. desorption electrolysis process for separation process, realize the automation of process monitoring, to ensure the safety and economic safety in production process of gold production process;
  • 3. the control system cleverly choose the temperature and liquid level detecting point and sensor installation method, ensure the sealing performance of the whole device, avoiding the potential safety hazard.

Technical Data

Desorption and Electrolysis Unit
Model Capacity of per batch (Gold carrier carbon kilogram per batch) Capacity of per day (Gold carrier carbon kilogram per batch)
 5000 5000 5000-7500
 4000 4000 4000-6000
3000 3000 3000-4500
2000 2000 2000-3000
 1500 1500 1500-2250
1000 1000 1000-1500
800 800 800-1200
500 500 500-750
300 300 300-450