• FL Spiral Classifier

    FL Spiral Classifier

    Spiral classifier is one of the equipment of ore dressing, spiral classifier with different proportion of solid particles in liquid precipitation

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  • FX Series Hydro-cyclone

    FX Series Hydro-cyclone

    Hydrocyclone is a centrifugal force by doing cyclotron motion according to different granularity of the different mineral to mineral separation

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  • CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separator

    CTL Dry Magnetic Separator

    CTL series permanent magnetic ore dry magnetic separator is a new developed efficient dry separation equipment, can be widely used

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  • CT Series Wet Magnetic Separator

    CT Wet Magnetic Separator

    CT series wet magnetic separator is composed of a separation drum, magnetic system, separating tank, a transmission device and an overflow

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  • BF Series Flotation Machine

    BF Flotation Machine

    The flotation machine uses the "U" type trough, hollow shaft inflation and suspension rotor, especially the use of a new type impeller.

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  • SF Series Flotation Cell

    SF Series Flotation Cell

    Don't choose this flotation machine for ferrous metals, can also be used for non metals such as: Coal fluorspar, talc separation.The flotation machine

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  • XCF/KYF Flotation Machine

    XCF/KYF Flotation Machine

    The working principle of XCF series flotation machine: the impeller to rotate, the slot by slot bottom slurry from around the lower end by the impeller

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  • GX High Efficiency Thickener

    GX High Efficiency Thickener

    GX type high efficiency thickener in the case without adding flocculant for semi efficient thickener, compared with the common thickener

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  • NZ Center Drive Thickener

    NZ Center Drive Thickener

    The main characteristics of center transmission concentrator is flocculant adding a certain amount of work to be concentrated in the pulp, the pulp

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  • GYM Series Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Filter

    GYM Magnetic Vacuum Filter

    GYW series vacuum permanent magnet filter is the upper to the barrel type outer filter vacuum material permanent magnet filter, mainly is

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  • XAMY Series Filter

    XAMY Series Filter

    Filter (filter) is a kind of indispensable medium conveying pipeline of the device, usually installed in the valve, relief valve, water valves

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  • ZDU Series Belt Vacuum filter

    ZDU Belt Vacuum filter

    Vacuum belt filter to filter as the filter medium, is a highly efficient separation equipment to make full use of the gravity of materials and

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  • ZPG Series Disk Vacuum Filter

    ZPG Disk Vacuum Filter

    Disk vacuum filter is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, the use of vacuum as a filtering power make the slurry by solid-liquid

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  • LL Spiral Chute

    LL Spiral Chute

    Spiral chute is a combination of the characteristics of spiral chute, spiral concentrator, shaking table, centrifugal concentrating

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  • JT Sawtooth Wave Jigger

    JT Sawtooth Wave Jigger

    Sawtooth wave jig jig bed is according to the theory of hierarchical rules, an energy-saving development and improvement of the gravity

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  • 6S Shaking Table

    6S Shaking Table

    Table mainly by the head of a bed, motor, adjustable slope, bed, ore tank, water tank, a rifle and lubrication systems of eight parts.

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  • SJ Series Double-impeller Leaching Tank

    SJ Double-impeller Leaching Tank

    SJ Series Double-impeller Leaching Tank is suitable for various kinds of metal ores, mainly used for stirring before the flotation reagent and slurry

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  • Desorption and Electrolysis Unit

    Desorption and Electrolysis Unit

    Desorption and electrolysis is mainly composed of two parts, will be separated from the desorption and electrolysis process, the solvent

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  • NG Peripheral Traction Thickener

    NG Peripheral Traction Thickener

    My company developed NG peripheral traction thickener. This massive general as thickeners of this type are commonly used peripheral traction

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  • ZGT Series High Gradient Magnetic Separator

    ZGT Gradient Magnetic Separator

    ZGT series drum sieve is the sieve of new products developed on the foundation and be become in the old drum, it overcomes the cycle using vibrating screen

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