LUM Vertical Roller Mill

vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill as a modern industrial production much like a new milling equipment to solve the modern industrial mill production is low, high energy consumption of existing problems, becoming the upgraded large modern vertical roller mill grinding equipment, regardless of from the device body, the use of technology, or the economic indicators of the other aspects have reached the international advanced level. Vertical roller mill is mainly used in the construction industry cement raw materials, cement clinker, slag and cinder industrial applications grinding processing, because of its low cost, simple structure, but also to better meet the needs of the industry, energy and environmental protection and create greater value.

LUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill mainly consists of motor, reducer, roller device, disc device, pressure device, separator, body and petrol stations and other components. The ultra-fine vertical mill is a new professional ultra-fine grinding equipment, specialized for grinding and classification of various non-metallic minerals, power plant desulfurization with limestone powder grinding mills, and deep processing of slag powder and pulverized coal injection Preparation and other large projects.

Products Features

  • 1. Due to the work of the roller is not in direct contact with the disc, and the roller and liner made of high quality material, it has a long service life, less wear and tear.
  • 2. the roller can be dug into the external enclosure for maintenance, replacement roller sleeve, convenient liner, reducing downtime.
  • 3. vibration, low noise; and overall equipment sealing system works under negative pressure, no dust spills, clean environment, to meet state environmental requirements Host speed with frequency control, material more widely applicable.
  • 4. equipped with a stopper to prevent mechanical and electronic limit device roller sleeve and disc liner direct contact to avoid the destructive impact and severe vibration.
  • 5. the use of PLC / DCS automatic control of the roller pressure control mode, the grinding pressure to obtain precise control, without manual operation.
  • 6. with a separate grinding roller lubrication lubrication station, and a single roll grinding circuit using two pumps, pumping mode while working, even if the roller bearings are fully lubricated and cooled, but also ensures that the roller bearing will not be kept indoors caused by excessive oil leakage.

Technical Data

LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill
Model LUM1125 LUM1232 LUM1436
Wheel diameter(mm) 1100 1200 1400
Capacity (t/h) 5~12 7~16 8~18
Fineness 400~650Mesh ~D97 ~D97 ~D97
Material Size(mm) <10 < 10 <10
Moisture <3% <3% <3%
Main Motor Power(KW) 250 315 355
Roller(set) 3 3 3
Classifier Motor Power 15 KWx5 15 KWx7 15 KWx7