HPT Cone Crusher

cone crusher

HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is the crushing speed, perfectly broken stroke and high crushing chamber design combined with its high-speed, high crushing capacity and a unique patented design, so that the finished product has a very high quality crushed cube-shaped. And easy maintenance features, but also to ensure that the extraordinary high stability operations. Efficiency of 15%, 60% increase in production, high-performance makes the performance even more remarkable HPT series.

HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used for metal mining, construction sand and gravel crushing and processing of Sec three sections broken links, because of crushing capacity, production, use sand production line HPT hydraulic cone crusher more was broken for river gravel and other aspects of the hard materials. Its working principle seems simple, but it is representative of the overall level of industrial design, manufacturing, technology and so on.

Products Features

  • 1. Higher efficiency upgrading Equipment in a unique fixed spindle, eccentric spindle rotation around the structural basis for the further optimization of the transmission rotating parts and lubricate seal design, equipment carrying capacity, installed power to achieve the same models of the industry's largest, high-efficiency small size, low noise .
  • 2. Hydraulic control is accurate and reliable Use full hydraulic control, equipment from the insurance clear cavity to adjust and lock, all with hydraulic operation, more stable, reliable and easy to operate. Combined with a wealth of practical experience, the hydraulic system fully optimized structure, regulation and control more accurate, faster response automatic protection, but also can achieve full automation.
  • 3. Integrated control automation equipment hydraulic lubrication Equipped with integrated hydraulic lubrication system and centralized automated intelligent control system, hydraulic lubrication input cost savings, while real-time monitoring of equipment status. Further optimization of the control system, the system is more stable and reliable, to protect the safety and stable operation of equipment, equipment operation more worry and effort.
  • 4. Laminated crushing the pellets good shape Laminated crushing principle use the material for crushing cavity through the device and optimized to improve the efficiency of laminated crushing, high crushing efficiency, low wear wearing parts, finished cubic grain type, high content of fine particles, improve product quality reduce production cost of equipment and the entire system.
  • 5. Multi-cavity type conversion of a machine Configured in multiple pieces and crushing cavity, just replace the corresponding cavity lining other small parts, you can convert between the cavity, combined with laminated crushing principle, and better meet the needs of the broken and crushing process to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

Technical Data

HPT Cone Crusher
Model Cavity Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Maximum Installed Power(kw)
HPT100 C1(Extra Coarse) 140


50-140 90
C2(Coarse) 100 13
M(Medium) 70 9
F1(Fine) 50 9
F2(Extra Fine) 20 6
HPT200 C2(Coarse) 185 19 90-250 160
M(Medium) 125 16
F1(Fine) 95 13
F2(Extra Fine) 75 10
HPT300 C1(Extra Coarse) 230 25 110-440 250
C2(Coarse) 210 19
M(Medium) 150 16
F1(Fine) 105 13
F2(Extra Fine) 80 10
HPT400 C1(Extra Coarse) 295 30 135-630 315
C2(Coarse) 251 25
M(Medium) 196 20
F1(Fine) 110 13
F2(Extra Fine) 90 10
HPT500 C1(Extra Coarse) 330 38 220-790 400
C2(Coarse) 290 30
M(Medium) 210 22
F1(Fine) 135 16
F2(Extra Fine) 95 13
HPT800 C1(Extra Coarse) 350 38 310-1200 630

C2(Coarse) 299 32
M(Medium) 265 25
F1(Fine) 220 16
F2(Extra Fine) 150 13