80TPH--120TPH Stone Crusher Plant

stone crusher

80 - 120tph (yield 80t/h--120t/h) of stone broken line has the advantages of high efficiency, automation of production, operation and installation is simple and convenient, the product grain shape good and economic benefit of higher characteristics. The screen can be replaced to ensure that customers can obtain a variety of different size products, to meet the needs of many aspects of production and construction.

Products Features

  • 1, good shape;
  • 2, reasonable gradation composition, fineness modulus can be adjusted;
  • 3, the indicators meet the national standard, is the aggregate of concrete quality;
  • 4, low production cost, and good benefit.

Technical Data

80TPH--120TPH Stone Crusher Plant
NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
  Hopper LC3000X4000   1
I Vribrating Feeder GZD960X3800 11 1
II Jaw Crusher PE600x900 75 1
III Impact Crusher PFW1214III 132 1
Vribrating Screen 3YK1860 22 1
NO. Name Length(m) Motor(KW) Number
B1 B800 18 7.5 1
B2 B800 23 11 1
B3 B500 25 7.5 1
B4 B500 20 5.5 3
B5 B500 15 5.5 1